I’m an Assistant Professor at the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Pará, Brazil.

I received my Ph.D. from Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, under Dr. Fernando Castor supervision. My Ph.D. thesis was one of the first to create refactoring tools aiming at reducing energy consumption. Before becoming a professor, I did a Post Doc also with Dr. Fernando Castor. During 2013-2014, I was a visiting scholar at the State University of New York, working with Dr. Yu David Liu.

My primary research area is software engineering.

My broader interests include performance & energy consumption (e.g., FASE’2015), concurrent programming (e.g., OOPSLA’2014), human aspects of software development (e.g., SANER’2016), mining social/software databases (e.g., MSR’2015), and refactoring (e.g., GREENS’2015).