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Dr. Gustavo Pinto is an assistant professor at the Federal University of Pará, Brazil and Senior Staff at Zup Innovation, a Brazilian tech company. Dr. Pinto holds a PhD in Software Engineering from the Informatics Center at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil. He has very broad interests in Software Engineering, including Open Source Software (communities and contributors), Human Aspects of Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, and Mining Software Repositories techniques. As a young researcher, he published over 100 research papers, some of them in the most important venues in his field (e.g., ICSE, ASE, CSCW, TSE, CACM, etc). He won several international research and service awards, including the MSR Ric Holt Early Career Achievement Award, in 2022, one ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper award in ICSE 2021, and one JSS Paper of the Year in 2019. He writes regularly at his ML4SE newsletter.

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CCSL @ UFPA: ccsl.ufpa.br

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