PhD Summary

I devoted most part of my PhD to study software energy consumption. The full thesis is available here. In the following I distill its main contributions.

I studied two different perspectives: (1) what developers think/do about energy consumption, and (2) what are the energy behavior of parallel Java code.

For the perspective of energy-aware programmers, I had two main contributions:

Although I’m not the first author of the second contribution, I had the idea of this study while doing my PhD, but a master student at the time (Irineu Moura) conducted most part of the study. This paper was not part of my PhD.

Regarding the energy behavior of parallel Java code, I had four contributions:

The interesting thing here is that only the first two papers and the last paper ended up on my thesis. The third one, although very related to my PhD, was mostly conducted by Kenan Liu, who was a PhD student at SUNY, the university that I visited during my PhD. The last contribution was accepted 2 years after graduation. However, you may have a hard time to find this fourth paper on my thesis, because this contribution changed a lot after my graduation (particularly thanks to Antony Canino, who did a great job working with Scala+Akka).

I also have other small contributors that appear as posters or students-related tracks.

After years of working on the same subject, I acquired a reasonable good perception of the field. After one ICSE conference, I decided to write a position paper summarizing the goals achieved and the problems ahead. This position paper ended up being my last contribution to this field:

Not quite last contribution. I recently had a master student who got interested in working with energy consumption, and we had a paper accepted in a Brazilian workshop (and a follow up version was also published on ESEM’2019):

However, I do plan to move ahead and work less and less with this energy consumption field. As Andreas Zeller often says: “get our of a field when too crowded”.