Prospective Students

If you want to work with me, take some time and read this page (and the links in this page).

Gettting in touch

Before getting in touch, however, read a list of research topics that I am interested in. This list is not exhaustive, though. Students are welcome to bring their own research topic. However, please keep in mind that I will be more happy to work on stuff which happen to be on my critical path. When getting in touch, please state which research topic are you interested in.

Important: if you have little to no research experience, listen to this podcast.


There are some basic skills and requirements you should carefully consider before applying for a urop/master/PhD position under my supervision.

The most important skill is responsiveness. From Monday to Friday, I’d expect that any email should be answered reasonable quickly.

What does this mean?

Generally speaking, I’d expect one email to be answered in at most 24 hours during the weekdays (even if the answer is: ‘‘I got your message, I will do that later.’’). However, I also understand that there are periods of low responsiveness (e.g., when taking exams, traveling, attending a conference, sick, etc). In most of these cases, the period of unresponsiveness is clear in advance (e.g., you know when you have to travel), so please let me know in advance as well! I also understand very exceptional situations, but, say, two weeks of unresponsiveness may suggest you have been busy with many other things other than research.

I usually do not care if you work in the morning or in the evening, but I do care about responsiveness. If you do not use any communication channel frequently (e.g., at least once a day), please do not apply for any position under my supervision.

There are some also additional important skills (in no priority order):

  • learn how to use git
  • learn how to write in LaTeX
  • learn how to use the command line
  • learn how to program, preferably in some scripting programming languages.
  • read at least a couple of scientific papers
  • be comfortable with reading and writing in English

If you still want to apply, I strongly recommend you to talk with some of my previous students (a list of former and current students is available here).

If you are already a master student, read this (pt-br).