Hi, I’m Gustavo Pinto.

I’m an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computing of the Federal University of Pará, Brazil, and a Researcher at Zup Innovation. I am also the (co-)Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development (JSERD).

I (eventually) blog, do talks, and videos. I am also active on twitter. I’ve published two short e-books.

I have very broad interests in Software Engineering, including refactoring (e.g., JSS’2019), human aspects of software development (e.g., ICSE’2018), and open source software (e.g., ICSE-SEET’2019).

You can see my list of publications here, along with all preprints. I also maintain my cv of failure.

Are you a student looking for an advisor? Are you a researcher and think that our interests overlap? I’m always looking for collaborations; you can reach me at gpintoignorethis@ufpa.br.


I’m an associate professor at UFPA, Brazil, and a software engineering researcher at Zup Innovation, Brazil. I received my Ph.D. from Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, under Dr. Fernando Castor supervision. During the academic year of 2013-2014, I was a visiting scholar at the State University of New York, working with Dr. Yu David Liu. My Ph.D. thesis was all about software energy consumption. I wrote a summary of my PhD thesis here. A summary about my research is available here.