I am continuously looking for good people to join my research group, at all levels: undergraduate students (urop), M.S students, Ph.D. students, Postdocs, or research programmers. Read more here if interested.

UPDATE: I recently accepted a position in the industry, so I am only accepting 1–3 new students per year at most.

Current students

  • Marcos Felipe Carvalho Nazário (PhD)
  • Edson Costa Dias (PhD)
  • Jefferson Junior Alves da Silva (MS)
  • Jherson Haryson Almeida Pereira (MS)
  • Leonardo Barbosa (MS)
  • Ronivaldo Ferreira Silva Junior (UROP)
  • Jhoylan Gonçalves dos Santos (UROP)
  • Leonardo Pereira dos Santos (Capstone)
  • Raphael Campos de Barros (Capstone)
  • Victor Daniel Gaia Santos Dos Santos (Capstone)
  • You?

Alumni (sorted by graduation year)

  • Benito Fernandes (MS, co-supervised with Fernando Castor, UFPE), March 2017
  • Bruno Cartaxo (PhD, co-supervised with Sergio Soares, UFPE), March 2018
  • Clarice Ferreira (Capstone), July 2018
  • Welder Luz (MS, co-supervised with Rodrigo Bonifácio, UNB), July 2018
  • Thiago Benício (Capstone), December 2018
  • Marcos Costa (Capstone), December 2018
  • Gilson Rocha (MS), March 2019
  • Matheus Seabra (Capstone), July 2019
  • Marcos Felipe Carvalho Nazário (MS), September 2019
  • João Pedro Moraes (Capstone), December 2019
  • Enzo Gabriel Da Rocha Santos (UROP), February 2020
  • Aian Shay Bentes Damasceno Cardoso (UROP + Capstone), June 2021
  • Wagner Felidré Negrão da Silva (UROP + Capstone), June 2021
  • Leonardo Barbosa Furtado (UROP + Capstone), June 2021
  • Fernando Kamei (PhD, co-supervised with Sergio Soares, UFPE), March 2022
  • Dannilo Cabral Rabelo (Capstone), July 2022
  • Wendy Mendes Galeno (MS), August 2022